Lights! Camera! Action! OBS Video Recording Studio Now Open!

Need to record a speech for class?  Have some background material to share with students before the next seminar?  Want to send in a video resume for an internship?  The One Button Studio may be the solution!  Located in the studio suite of the Multimedia Lab, the One Button Studio is an easy-to-use video production suite that Truman faculty, staff, or students may use to record video directly to a USB flashdrive.


Using the facility requires no prior knowledge of studio lighting, video editing software, or camera operation.  You come up with the content and the USB flashdrive and we'll provide the means to a finalized video!  The concept was first used at Pennsylvania State University.  They have generously shared their plans and instructions to universities all over the country - Truman included!  Visit our webpage to see the studio in action and to review use-case scenarios along with guides and trouble-shooting tips.