Art Students Visit Chicago

Painting students developed leadership skills and post-graduate opportunities while visiting Chicago, April 13-15.

Art professor Lindsey Dunnagan’s painting students met with Jake Wittrock, a Truman painting alumnus, who sells his own artwork while running a company that redesigns interior spaces. Students also visited the personal studios of two working professional artists, Louise LeBourgeois and Steve Carrelli. They talked about the journey that led them to careers as painters, thus inspiring the painting students to explore a variety of options post-graduation.

In addition to meeting with artists, touring the city included visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago graduate school, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Woman Made Gallery. These museums featured work from artists, such as Felix Gonzales-Torres, often discussed in history classes.

By networking with professional artists and intellectually critiquing artwork as fellow artists, students heard from a variety of experiences and backgrounds that will affect their approaches to future careers.

Painting students from Truman visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.
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