A Thank You Message from the Kohlenberg Lyceum Series

The University would like to thank the following Friends of the Lyceum for their generous financial support of the 2016-17 Kohlenberg Lyceum Series.

Corporate Friends of the Lyceum

Gold Level
Truman Bookstore – Follett Higher Education Group

Ameren Missouri
Northeast Regional Medical Center

Alliant Bank
American Trust Bank
Kirksville Daily Express
US Bank

Friends of the Lyceum

In memory of Travis Freeman

Odessa Ofstad

Rick and Mary Lee Fleschner
Sally Herleth and Eric Schmitz
Harold and Rebecca Osborn
Tammy Roberts

Friends of the Lyceum
Scott Alberts and Hyun-Joo Kim
Aaron and Erica Baker
Russell and Pennie Baughman
Ben Beard
Harriet Beard
Kent and Bonnie Campbell
Rolf and Ilse Christen
Myra Collins
Rama Crist
Maria Di Stefano
Carolyn Frick
Ron and Elsie Gaber
Karen Gardner
Marianna Giovannini
Jodie and Debbie Gordon
Patricia Green
Georgia Kachulis
Mark Laughlin
Gary and Claire Lloyd
Jack and Sue Magruder
Richard and Bess Mercer
Dwight and Pauline Miller
Chad and Sarah Mohler
David and Debra Nichols
Eva Jane Noe
Gail and Mary Novinger
Troy Rahmig
Neil Simmons
Sherry Stacey
Werner and Gaylah Sublette
Scott and Heidi Templeton
Winston Vanderhoof
Shelley Wheeler
Ron and Cecelia Winkler
Phillip and Jane Wise
Thank you to the women of Delta Zeta for serving as ushers for the 2016-17 Series.

The Series will return to Baldwin Hall in the fall with the schedule to be announced in August. Anyone interested in being a Friend of the Lyceum, or those who would like to be added to the email list announcing the series line up, can contact pr@truman.edu.

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