Tom Capuano, professor emeritus of foreign language, had his dictionary of medieval Spanish botany published in mid April. The “Diccionario herbario de textos antiguos y premodernos,” was issued by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies in New York and benefited from numerous grants provided over the years (1989-2015) by the Office of the Provost, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Classical and Modern Languages of Truman State University.

Antonio Scuderi, professor of Italian, chaired a session on the Italian Nobel playwright, Dario Fo, at the American Association of Italian Studies Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Two political science majors from Truman participated at the Midwest Political Science Undergraduate Research Conference, which took place on the campus of Pittsburg State University, March 31 through April 1. The conference features the work of students from some of the top universities from across the Midwest. Rachael Palmer presented her paper entitled “From Dawn to Tusks: A Model-Based Approach to the African Elephant Conservation Act of 1988.” Jared Heern presented his paper “Net Metering and Other Solar Energy Incentives: A Multivariate Synthesis of a Disparate Literature.” Heern also won first place and a $100 gift certificate in the Best Paper competition

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