Visiting Professor to Discuss Voter Behavior

Cortney S. Rodet, associate professor of economics at Ohio University, will present “Voting: Why Elections Might Not Deliver” in an open forum at 7 p.m. Nov. 4 in Violette Hall 1010.

The lecture will address questions such as: why do we vote?; who do we vote for?; and how do we know we can trust them?; as well as, do elected officials continue to represent those who elect them? The forum is free and open to the public.

Rodet’s research focuses on expression, trust and voter behavior. He uses economic laboratory experiments and behavioral economics to explore these and other accountability issues related to economic support of political representatives. He did post-doctoral research at the Economic Science Institute and spent two years with the Center for Free Enterprise. Questions such as those posed above are embodied in principal/agent problems and studied using public choice economics. Rodet regularly presents seminars and workshops for the Center for Free Enterprise, where students from all over the country meet to engage each other on topics and readings they might not see in a standard economics course.

While at Truman, Rodet will also present a shortened version of his seminar “Humanomics: Exchange and the Human Condition.” In this presentation, students explore both what makes a nation rich and a person good. While exploring these and other questions about markets and ethics, students challenge the perception of economics as distinct from the humanities. Interested students should contact David Gillette for more information.