"Great Advice for Grads" Publication Now Available

Inceptia has published the third annual “Great Advice for Grads,” a collection of articles that offers practical advice and words of wisdom for money, loans and living one’s best life.
The 2016 eGuide offers a special mix of subjects tailored to what students most want to know. This includes money and loan how to’s, as well as advice about career strategies and life lessons readers can apply to their own situations.
Great Advice for Grads 2016 features timely and motivational content, including: “A Professor’s Guide to Winning with Money”; “Top Five Things to Do About Your Student Loans After Graduation”; “Should I Pay Down Student Loans or Build an Emergency Fund”; “The Three Things Every College Graduate Should Know”; “Valuable Lessons Learned From My Time in Corporate America”; and artwork from cartoonist and finance expert Stephanie Halligan.

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