Tru-Talk Podcast Aims to Entertain and Inspire

A new Truman podcast dedicated to healthy living and interesting people is now available for download.

Fitness-wellness director Janes Dreamweaver began Tru-Talk this semester to connect with interesting students, faculty, staff and Kirksville community members. His guests have included tiny home designer Jonathon Waddington, media and technology specialist Todd Kuhns, Take Root Café founder Jessica Parks, and intramural director John Manning. Dreamweaver aims to complete one podcast per week.

“My hope is to talk with people about meaningful life experiences they’ve had, things they have a passion for doing, and to always relate it back to living a healthy and well-balanced life,” Dreamweaver said. “I am really hoping it will become a good source of interesting information for people who find it.”

An alumnus of the University, Dreamweaver became interested in learning to lead a healthy and active lifestyle while working in the Student Recreation Center for three years as an undergraduate. After graduating from Truman in 2009 with a degree in exercise science, Dreamweaver attended Washington State University and went on to work at the University of Wisconsin and Weber State University. He returned to Kirksville in 2015 and hopes to continue serving others and inspiring them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“Truman is where I learned I could have a full-time career in recreation at the university setting,” Dreamweaver said. “I knew this was the way I wanted to spend my time - working and serving others.”

To listen to the Tru-Talk podcast, click here.

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