What Truman Recycles


Corrugated cardboard only. Please flatten and stack cardboard. Drop-off sites are available by most dumpsters on campus.

Not acceptable

    Wax coated cardboard
    Feed/Seed sacks
    Pop/Soda carriers
    Anything with food scraps


Can be tied with a string, put in paper bags, placed in a cardboard box or placed loose in newsprint containers.
NOTE: Advertising supplements that come in the newspapers can stay with the newspapers when recycled.

Mixed Office Paper

Can be tied with string, placed in cardboard box or paper bags or placed loose in mixed office paper containers.


    Computer paper
    Typing paper
    Writing paper
    Photocopy paper
    Light pastel colors
    File folders
    Unwanted residential mail
Not acceptable
    Carbon paper, other sensitized paper
    Blueprint paper
    Film, photographs, tape or glue
    Metal objects, spiral binders, fasteners

Plastic Bottles and Jugs

Check the bottom of the container for the recycling logo. Inside the logo is a number identifying the type of plastic. Generally, plastics accepted for recycling at Truman are No. 1 and No. 2 only. Containers must be rinsed. Please discard all caps and lids.


    Milk jugs
    Juice jugs
    Food containers
    Detergent bottles
    Shampoo bottles
    Butter containers
    Bleach jugs
    Yogurt containers
Not acceptable
    Motor oil bottles

Hard Books

Can be placed in book recycle containers or placed with papers.


    All books
    Spiral binders
    Books with glued ends


Only slick or shiny magazines and catalogs accepted.

    Time,  Newsweek, National Geographic, Catalogs, etc.


All aluminum cans are acceptable. Please rinse the cans and remove labels if possible.

Shredded Paper

All shredded paper must be in bags and tied securely.

    White paper
    Colored paper
    Any paper that can be placed in mixed office.


All glass is acceptable. Please rinse the containers and remove labels if possible.

Printer Cartridges

Place in any recycling container.

Simple things you can do

  • Use both sides of your paper. (Recycle paper after use.)
  • Encourage your students to use both sides of their paper - both for drafts and papers they turn in.
  • Recycle your newspapers, magazines, hard books, soda cans and plastic bottles.
  • Use e-mail for notices.
  • Write to remove your name from “junk” mail lists. Go to http://www.newdream.org/junkmail/.
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