Center Recycles Materials to Reduce Waste

Wondering what to do with your empty aluminum cans and used paper? Recycle them.

Recycle bins are available to the University community in all buildings on campus. These bins help the Recycling Center with its goal to reduce solid waste quantities as much as possible. In addition, the Recycling Center has a drop-off pad which allows members of the community to drop off recyclables when the Center is closed.

The University began its recycling program in October 2001 and purchased a cardboard baler to use in the Center. The University recycles 1,000 pounds of cardboard each day with the baler. Cardboard material bins are located outside of most buildings.

Truman’s Recycling Center is located in Building No. 4 in the Dulaney/Baldwin Complex at the south end of campus.

Students can volunteer to assist the Recycling Center at the center or in the residence halls.

For more information about recycling at Truman or to volunteer, contact Recycle Coordinator Howard Worcester at 785.7672 or
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