Printmaking Art Exhibit Displayed in Library Cafe

The coffee shop exhibit area, located on the first floor of Pickler Memorial Library, is currently displaying a survey of printmaking art by Jim Jereb until March 25.

Jereb has been a professor of art at Truman since August 1990.

This set of art shows a variety of techniques in the field of printmaking covering relief, intaglio, lithographic and serigraphic processes. 

Printmaking is a form of art that begins with a flat, smooth material known in general terms as a matrix. Through the various technical approaches on display, any number of substances (zinc or copper metal plates, Bavarian limestone, end-grain maple and polyester sheets, to name a few) are manipulated to create a surface that, when inked, will generate the desired image. Paper is pressed against the hand-inked surface to force the ink into the paper fibers. This physical contact of hand-manipulated materials, supplies, processes and machinery gives creative printmaking its rich densities and evocative imagery.

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