Campus Reminders from the Department of Public Safety

TruAlert Emergency Text Messaging System
If you are not signed up for the TruAlert Emergency Text Messaging System, you can do this through your TruView account. On the “Truman” tab you will find the registration link in the lower right of the page under the “Update and View My Personal Information” channel. Click on the “Emergency Text Messaging” link. You can register up to three phones that are capable of receiving a text message. If you have already signed up, you can confirm your information in the same manner.
Emergency Procedures Information
Please take a moment to review the emergency procedures document. Familiarizing yourself with these procedures will help you to respond appropriately in a number of emergency situations. The procedures are also posted in each of the classrooms. If you do not see this poster in your classroom or if you need additional copies, please contact the DPS office.
Bicycle Guidelines
Bicycles parked on campus must:
* not be attached to any trees, street median fencing or light poles;
* not be left in buildings, entrances, ramps or any other hazardous location;
* be left in campus bicycle racks.

Bicycles that are illegally parked are subject to parking tickets and/or confiscation by the Department of Public Safety. Bicycles should be ridden on streets, not on sidewalks, lawns or parkways that are property of Truman. Students are strongly encouraged to register their bikes with Public Safety. Registration permits are issued free of charge.

Outdoor Warning System
The outdoor warning system is tested on the last Friday of every month, weather permitting.
If you have any additional questions or would like additional information on any of these items, please feel free to contact the Department of Public Safety.
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