Michelle Cannon-Breland, student education and support coordinator, and Curtis Blakely, associate professor of justice systems, have donated an assortment of original manuscripts and lecture notes to Xavier University in Ohio. Also donated was a collection of old, rare and annotated books to the Niels Bohr Library and Archive in Maryland. All donated materials previously belonged to Dr. Boris Podolsky, one of the most prominent physicists of the twentieth-century. Podolsky, along with Nathan Rosen and Albert Einstein, authored the EPR paper which is still considered to be one of the most significant publications in physics. Podolsky taught at Xavier from 1961 until his death in 1966. The Niels Bohr Library, operated by the American Institute of Physics, serves as a repository for texts, monographs and photographs relating to the development and history of the natural sciences. Both institutions will preserve, display, and use these materials for research and reference purposes.

Tanner Edis, professor of physics, was interviewed on the program “True Supernatural” regarding the dibbuk box, an artifact owned by a Kirksville resident and the inspiration for the Hollywood movie, “The Possession.” The program aired on Destination America Channel, Jan. 9.

Nixon Tarrant, a senior accounting major, won the SLU Elevator Pitch Competition in December with his product idea, Limitless Backpacks. He won $2,500 and one-night use of a Tesla. Sophomore business administration major Anthony Hill was also among the 10 finalists with his product idea SpiroRip. See more ideas from the competition here.

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