Printing Services Adds Digital Color Press

In order to serve the community better, Printing Services has added a Digital Color Press that allows them to receive customer files digitally to produce their jobs.

Files that need to be printed should be saved to a PDF format before sending and include all information that would normally be included in a work order on that same email. Jobs may be submitted to

Printing Services continues to offer a high-speed black only copier, which allows the customer to save time and money. Files may be submitted the same way as instructed above.

Printing requests a 4-5 day turn-a-round time, but will do their best to work with each customer to meet their needs. Email or call 660.785.4161 with any questions. Printing Services is located at Barnett Hall 1214.

Any project submitted for printing, must not use copyrighted images, unless written permission has been granted and the request for permission clearly states how the printed project will be used.

If projects require design services, please contact the Publications Office. Time will need to be allowed, in addition to the 4-5 days Printing Services requires, for designing and set-up. If projects use any University logo, customers should contact the Publications Office to make sure the logo guidelines are followed. Information on the University name and logo guidelines can be found online at

For questions concerning use of the Truman name or logos, contact the Publications Office located at Kirk Building 210 or call 660.785.4692.