Campus VCR Support Plan

As classroom technology becomes older it is often replaced by newer technologies providing better services at a lower cost.

VCRs have largely been replaced by DVDs. DVDs are simpler, more durable, have higher video quality and better long-term storage characteristics. All Truman classrooms with a console computer system currently have a DVD player. This plan will outline the process for phasing out and removing the VCRs from all Truman classrooms.

ITS will support the current classroom VCRs until December 2014. During the 2014 Winter Break the classroom VCRs will be removed. Until December 2014 any classroom VCRs that fail will be replaced with used VCRs as long as a spare VCR unit is available. No new VCRs will be purchased. Pickler Media Library has been replacing many of the educational and feature film VHS titles it holds with DVD format media.

Instructors should contact Sharon Hackney at 660.785.7366 or to make arrangements for the Library to purchase DVDs or other media for their classes. Replacing the older media with new media like DVDs is much better than trying to convert old media.

The ITS Helpdesk and the Learning Technologies office can also provide guidance and assistance to anyone needing to make their VCR-based academic materials available in DVD format. The recent copyright workshop hosted by the Library and the Learning Technologies Office covered many of the issues present when dealing with copyrighted materials; copyright law, the TEACH Act, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act etc. ITS will work with instructors to help find the best legal solution for their existing VCR-based materials.

Please review your academic media materials and discuss your needs with your department head.  Replacing your academic materials could take some time and the operational life of the VCRs is counting down; we recommend you start working on upgrading your academic materials soon.

ITS will provide additional status updates on the VCR support plan as December 2014 approaches. For any additional questions, contact the ITS HelpDesk at 660.785.4544.
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