Local Haunting Inspires Hollywood Movie

A  Kirksville story is the basis for a Hollywood movie, “The Possession,” which opened nationwide Aug. 31.

“The Dibbuk Box,” published by Truman State University Press, documents local resident Jason Haxton’s experiences with an old wine cabinet believed to be haunted. Haxton purchased the cabinet on eBay after he heard about it from a Truman student.

The eBay auction caught the attention of a wide audience, including a Los Angeles Times reporter who wrote an article about the various owners of the box, which was noticed by movie producer Sam Raimi. In 2004, Raimi’s lawyer approached Haxton for rights to make a movie about the item that had become known as the dibbuk box.

While finally agreeing to movie rights, Haxton kept rights to publish a book about his own experiences with the box, which he was recording in journal entries.

“The Dibbuk Box” was published by Truman State University Press last November to coincide with the original Halloween release date for the movie. The movie was delayed, but the book has been rising in popularity as the release of the movie nears.

Haxton has done numerous radio and magazine interview requests and was the subject of an episode of SyFy Channel’s popular docudrama series, “Paranormal Witness” on Aug. 29. He will also appear this fall on The History Channel’s “Fear Files.”

The book is available in print or digital editions at local bookstores and online at tsup.truman.edu.