Graphic Artist Discusses ‘Redesigning America’s Future’

The Truman graphic design group AIGA will sponsor guest speaker David Gibson, graphic designer, co-founder, and managing principal of Two Twelve Associates of New York City, at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 15 in Violette Hall. 

In his presentation, Redesigning America’s Future, Gibson will discuss his experiences working with his clients to use design as a force for positive change in the public realm. 

Best known for his environmental graphic design work, Gibson is author of “The Wayfinding Handbook: Information Design for Public Places,” published earlier this year by Princeton Architectural Press. 

The creative leader behind wayfinding and signage systems for the Princeton University campus and the Atlanta Federal Center complex, The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Downtown Brooklyn, the Durham Department of Parks & Recreation and the Sound Transit system in Seattle, David is also a co-founder of Public Design Lab, a network of communications professionals devoted to helping U.S. citizens access the public information and civic services they need to live, work, and learn.

He believes, "We deserve a government that’s efficient, effective, and respectful. Today it’s easy, even enjoyable, to buy an iPod, track a package, or bank online. In contrast, using our most vital public services—Social Security, Medicare, Veterans Administration benefits, and more—can be a time-consuming, humiliating nightmare. Americans design great products and service experiences in the private sector; it’s time to bring the same know-how to the public sector."  

Gibson will discuss his thoughts on how better communication design can be used for the benefit of citizens to make public systems more transparent, understandable and accessible, in the process to improve the quality of public life and make our democracy more engaging and inclusive. 


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