Fine Arts Presents "Psycho Beach Party"

The Division of Fine Arts and department of theatre present “Psycho Beach Party” at 8 p.m., April 19 and April 20-23, in the Ophelia Parrish Courtyard Theatre.

Charles Busch wrote this play about a teenage tomboy who wants to be part of the surf crowd on Malibu Beach.

The April 19 show is free. Tickets cost $2 for the April 20-23 shows.

The ticket form is listed below:

Fine Arts “Psycho Beach Party” ticket form

To reserve tickets, choose one of the following options:
1) Fill out the form below and send it via campus mail to the Theatre Box Office c/o Division of Fine Arts
2) Reserve tickets by phone: 785-4515
3) Reserve your tickets in person at the Box Office, located in front of the theatre in OP. 

Please note – do not send cash through the mail. You will need to pay for your tickets in person at the Box Office. Please arrive by 7:45 p.m. for the show if you wish to pick up your reserves at that time.

If you have further questions about the production, please contact the director, Becky Becker at or 785.4519. 

Please indicate the number of tickets you would like for your 1st and 2nd performance choices:

Name _____________________________  Phone _______________________

FIRST CHOICE:  _____ Tue/19 _____ Wed/20 ____ Thu/21_____ Fri/22 _____ Sat/23

SECOND CHOICE: ____ Tue/19 ____ Wed/20 _____ Thu/21_____ Fri/22____ Sat/23

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