Student Creates Online Study Resource


A new study tool aims to bring students closer together.

Senior computer science major and philosophy minor AJ Jahjolli created a platform called Study Friends. This website serves as a resource for students to connect with classmates and study together.

“I realized through my time here at Truman that a lot of people struggle to make friends with people that share the same classes or major as them,” Jahjolli said. “Having these people can be really helpful in terms of studying quality and efficiency. Study Friends helps to fix this problem.”

To use this resource students must first make an account, which takes less than 30 seconds. Students can then create a study session by specifying the class they are studying for and how they wish to interact with their classmates, which can be in person or via Zoom. To specify a class students can type in their own class code, for example ECON 131, and then select a category from the list. Students will be able to search through all of the website’s current live sessions. They will also be able to communicate with users in order to schedule future study sessions.

“This platform is valuable because students will have another resource to use when studying for a class, which will be really helpful,” Jahjolli said. “In addition, it will help them to create stronger connections with other people they see every day around campus and classes.”

Students can email Jahjolli at if they have any issues with the website or have a suggestion.

For the time being, Study Friends is solely for Truman students. After gaining a good adaption rate among the Truman community, Jahjolli hopes to someday extend it to other universities. Eventually he also wants to include a feature where study notes may be viewed online with previous study sessions.

After graduation, Jahjolli will begin working for DotFoods, a company where he interned last year. Study Friends will remain fully operational and will continue to get Jahjolli’s full support even after graduation.
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