Gooch to Present Spring 2008 Faculty Forum

The Spring 2008 Faculty Forum will present Warren Gooch, professor of music, in an evening titled “‘How Do You Get Your Ideas?’: A Composer Talks About His Music.” Gooch will present at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 18 in Ophelia Parrish Performance Hall.

Gooch said that composers of music are often asked by curious listeners to answer two seemingly innocuous questions. They are asked “Where do you get your ideas from?” and “When you compose, what comes to you first-the melody, chorus, words (etc., etc., etc.)?”

In reality, the answers to these questions are rarely simple, as the creative process is often a complex one involving intricate interaction between both sides of the brain, Gooch said.

In this spring 2008 session of the Truman Faculty Forum composer Gooch will briefly discuss the creative process as it applies to specific original musical works. The session will include performances of the musical works under discussion. Faculty, students, staff and community members are all invited to attend.

The Truman Faculty Forum was created in 2003 to give faculty the opportunity to present their research and creative work to the Truman community and to enhance the importance of scholarship and creativity in the culture of our institution. In the spirit of the liberal arts, the Forum provides one more way of exposing all members of the Truman community to various fields of investigation.
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