Sarah Berke, assistant professor of biology, is a finalist for the 2019 Course Hero-Woodrow Wilson Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching, non-tenure-track. Berke is one of 12 finalists among several hundred applicants. She has been invited to interview with members of the selection committee and Woodrow Wilson Foundation staff, March 25.

Huping Ling, professor of history, published “The Chinese American Studies: Theories, Approaches, Challenges and Potentials.” International Journal of Diasporic Chinese Studies, Vol. 10, No.1 (June 2018): 81-110.

John James Quinn, professor of political science and international relations, wrote an article entitled “African Foreign Policies” which was published in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies. The article will be released later this year. It is an updated version of an article published by The International Studies Compendium Project in 2010.

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