Econ Speaker Series to Examine Next Recession

Featured speaker Dr. Arun Raha will discuss “What Will the Next Recession Bring? Another Financial Crisis: Not This Time” at 7 p.m. March 4 in the Baldwin Hall Little Theatre.

Raha has a Bachelor of Economics with honors from Hindu College, University of Delhi, India; a Master of Economics from the Delhi School of Economics; and a Ph.D. in economics from Washington State University. He is currently employed at Eaton – a power management company that serves in the electrical, hydraulics, aerospace, commercial truck and automotive industries with 2018 sales in excess of $22 billion. Raha is responsible for domestic and international forecast of economic conditions. In 2007, he won the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s top overall forecast prize. He is a two-time winner of the Wall Street Journal’s forecasting award in January 2005 and February 2013.

Presentation Abstract: Every recession is different. The 2007-09 Great Recession came from a financial crisis that caused credit to dry up, similar to what happened during the Great Depression nearly 80 years ago, except this time it was investment banking that failed, not commercial banking. What will he next recession look like?

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