Truman Signs Climate Act Pledge

Truman is one of more than 300 colleges and universities to demonstrate a commitment to addressing sustainability and climate change by signing the American Campuses Act on Climate (ACAC) pledge.

The ACAC is designed to amplify the voice of the higher education community. The White House launched the initiative in November prior to the United Nations Climate Negotiations in Paris. At those negotiations, nearly 200 nations reached an agreement that commits almost every country to lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
Sustainability and energy efficiency have been priorities at Truman for years. The University has been taking steps to transition to low-carbon energy and enhance sustainability practices on campus long before signing the ACAC pledge. This past year saw Truman embark on a $10.5 million venture to make campus more energy efficient, which in turn will lower the school’s carbon footprint and save an estimated $1 million annually.
The 16-month plan began in the summer and includes improvements ranging from the installation of new light fixtures to the updating of heating, cooling and ventilation systems for multiple buildings. All totaled, the changes will allow Truman to: reduce its annual carbon footprint by 20,900,000 lbs of carbon dioxide; reduce water consumption by more than 8 million gallons annually; reduce natural gas consumption by more than 50,500 MCF annually; reduce electrical consumption by nearly 7.5 million kW per hour annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 113.5 tons annually through the continued production of solar energy.
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