Busy ITS Summer Means Enhanced Classroom Technology

The Monday after commencement marked the beginning of intense activity as Information Technology Services technicians and Learning Technologies Team designers raced against the clock to perform classroom maintenance, repairs, updates, training and full-out renovations in between summer classes, camps and the impending start of fall classes. ITS summer projects included:

Adding technology to two informal learning spaces that were put in place by the Campus Planner’s Office
These collaborative and comfortable seating areas have added large monitors and a connection puck system that allows up to four users to connect and view their devices. These new spaces are located on the second floor, northeast hallway, of Barnett Hall and the third floor, northeast hallway, of McClain Hall.
Updating rooms all over campus to include recording as well as interactive/digital drawing capabilities
This allows these rooms to be used for lecture/presentation capture, digital annotation of diagrams, digital notes and much more during class. After hours, these same rooms can be used to pre-make mini-lectures and other pre-recorded eLearning content. Rooms with this type of upgrade include PB 3102, PB 3104, VH 1408, VH 1436, MC 210, MC 306, HS 3205 and OP 2210.
Renovating conference rooms to accommodate technology-enhanced meetings and seminar teaching
Knowing that Baldwin Hall will be coming offline for renovations next year, it became imperative this summer to update and improve many spaces that have mixed use. This will allow ITS to improve the meeting experience for those groups using these locations, and to accommodate classroom-type use as well. Rooms in this category included VH 2151, VH 2351, MG 3000 and MG 2000.

The addition of amplified sound and high-quality speakers
A number of rooms on campus had sound problems. Some were due to environmental noise in their locations, while others just needed improvements to account for large spaces. VH 1000, MG 2090, MG 2050, MG 1090, MG 2005 and MG 2078 all received much-needed updates in this area.

Several specialty labs and classrooms received new computers. In the case of BT 1202, all of the aging computers in this lab were replaced.

In addition, all classrooms received two reviews for basic maintenance and functionality in order to ward off potential problems in the first days of classes. If there is ever a problem with the instructional technology during a class, call 660.785.4911 so that a technology support specialist can be dispatched to help resolve the issue before too much valuable class time is lost.