Tracking Crises in the Middle East: Is Peace Possible?

7 p.m.
Jan. 29
Magruder Hall 2001
Sponsored by the Global Issues Colloquium

Featuring Ingrid Roettgen, Caitlyn Bess, Sean Lynn, Trent Hoover, Molly Turner, Lauren Hennenfent, Lillianna Burrow, Aaron Gershman and Mark Appold

Nine students from the 2014 Middle East trip will present a brief, tightly focused account of an area researched and explored, including accounts of checkpoints, health care, media coverage, attitudes towards U.S. aid and more. The students will also take questions from the audience.

Mark Appold, a Biblical scholar who has lived and taught on most of the continents, has taken Truman students to the Middle East every summer for more than a decade, encouraging them to immerse themselves in ancient cultures by visiting heritage sites and helping them to see Israel and Palestine as they are today.

Students visit the treasury building in Petra, Jordan. Pictured, back row, left to right: Alex Nyquist, Carnahan Lovewell, Ingrid Roettgen, Caitlyn Bess, Erin Nyquist and Molly Turner. Front row: Sean Lynn, Aaron Gershman, Mark Appold, Lillianna Burrow, Trent Hoover, Elizabeth Ward and Lauren Hennenfent. 
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