Dell to Provide PDAs as Grand Prizes for TruTech Challenge

Truman’s TLTR (Teaching/Learning Technology Roundtable) is proud to announce that Dell, Inc. has donated two Dell X50v PDAS (personal digital assistants) as grand prizes for the first annual TruTech Challenge.

The TruTech Challenge is a juried competition of projects that use technology to achieve some learning outcome. Students, faculty, staff and student organizations are invited to submit projects to the Challenge. Submitters will be asked to present their projects at Truman’s Technology Fair during the University Conference, Feb. 16.

To be a part of the TruTech Challenge, you should include the following in your project submission:

  • a 250-1,000 word description of the project. The description should include a statement of ...
    • the project’s purpose (what learning outcome it attempts to achieve)
    • the ways in which the project uses technology
    • the ways in which the achievement of the project’s purpose is facilitated by the use of technology
    • the progress that has been made in executing the project
    • what assistance, if any, was received from others in executing the project
  • any supporting materials for the project that you would like the TruTech Challenge jury to consider. These materials might include (but are not limited to) links to Web sites, printed or electronic documents, CD-ROMs, videotapes/ DVDs, audio recordings or artwork.

Project submissions should be made by Jan. 26 to Chad Mohler, either via e-mail at or campus mail (Chad Mohler, Division of Social Science, 214 McClain). 

By submitting a project, you agree to...

  • allow its description to be posted on TLTR’s Web site,;
  • present your project at the Technology Fair on Feb. 16;
  • have your project showcased in greater depth on the TLTR Web site, should you be a winner of the competition.

    The TLTR committee will judge each of the submitted projects on the degree to which its use of technology enhances the project’s attempt at achieving its learning outcome. Prize winners will be announced at the Technology Fair on Feb. 16.

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