Students Attend Conference

Truman students who had previously participated in the Middle East Study Abroad program were guests at the International Bethsaida Conference Nov. 14-16 at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. Keynote speakers were Prof. Gabriel Barkai from Jerusalem, well known researcher and archaeologist, who presented on the “Secrets from the Temple Mount” and Prof. Danel Kahn, former chair of the Department of Biblical Studies at Haifa University, who presented on “The Campaign of Sennacherib Against Judah.” Seventeen other presenters were on the agenda including Truman’s Mark Appold, associate professor of philosophy and religion, who addressed the question “Was Jesus a Zealot?”

Bethsaida Photo online.jpg
Pictured from left to right: Mark Appold, Ben Batzer, Heather Redel, Jordyn Williamms, Brandon Bolte, Samantha Wickam and Summer Jensen.