Upgrade to Banner 7 is Under Way

Plans to upgrade the current version of the Banner administrative system to Banner 7 are under way. The Banner Integration Team, IT Services staff, the Upgrade Review Team and staff from various campus offices are currently testing the new system in preparation for release to the campus. The upgrade to Banner 7 will directly affect administrative system users. During the initial phase of the upgrade, students and faculty who access Banner self-services (Web) via TruView will see little or no changes in presentation or functionality. More information regarding changes within TruView will be shared as it becomes available.

Significant changes from Banner 6 to Banner 7 include a change to a browser-based access to the administrative system, changes in forms and a common matching system. Administrative offices will no longer log into Banner via a desktop icon, rather they will log on through a URL. Many Banner forms have been changed to provide easier access and viewing of information formerly accessed via a Next Block function. As part of this change, tabs have replaced scroll bars in many forms to allow quick access to information. A common matching system is new in Banner 7 which provides searching mechanisms tailored to meet the needs of offices that create new person and non-person (e.g. vendor) records to minimize the number of duplicate records that might be created.

Tentative dates for the upgrade to Banner 7 would start at 5 p.m. Feb. 17 and continue through Feb. 20. Administrative users as well as self-service (Web) users, including staff, students and faculty, will not have access to Banner during the upgrade period. Announcements will be made via Truman Today and e-mails as soon as the upgrade dates are finalized.

Banner 7 overview and navigation sessions are being planned for administrative users who are not involved in upgrade testing. More information regarding these sessions will be forthcoming via e-mail announcement and Truman Today.

Upgrades to the Banner system are part of the maintenance agreement and services the University has contracted with SunGard SCT to provide. Upgrades generally provide enhanced services and address the ever-changing needs of the more than 1,500 institutions that have a business relationship with SunGard SCT.

Questions regarding the Banner 7 upgrade should be directed to Tammy Roberts at troberts@truman.edu.
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