Assessment at Truman

How Does Truman Measure Up?

Truman uses assessment data to allow the University to get a clear picture of where Truman students and faculty are excelling as well as where they need more assistance. In an effort to remind the campus of what is assessed at Truman and where they can find the assessment results, the assessment committee will be highlighting several of assessment topics in the next few weeks.
According to the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), in 2012 Truman students reported spending more time preparing for class compared to the other 545 schools who participated in the Survey. However, Truman students also reported that they spent more time on co-curricular activities and volunteer work, and about the same amount of time relaxing and socializing as students at the other universities did. You can access this data, as well as other interesting facts about how Truman is doing via the Assessment Almanac, at   

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