TRU Fit 2013

Sign-up for TRU Fit 2013 is under way. TRU Fit is an activity-based incentive program to help participants track how much activity they get in a week. All Truman students, staff and faculty can sign up for free at

The first 12 weeks will take place from Jan. 28-April 21. Participants are encouraged to set goals and at a minimum track three days of 30 minutes of activity. Those who complete 10 of the first 12 weeks are eligible to receive a TRU Fit T-shirt. Participate in intramurals, go for a walk, take a class at the REC—all of those things can be tracked to meet TRU Fit goals.

Sponsored by the Student Recreation Center Fitness/Wellness Department and The President’s Committee for Campus Wellbeing.
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