Spring Semester Important Dates

Jan. 21
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day & MLK Collegiate Challenge

Jan. 26
Truman Showcase  Visit Event

Feb. 20
“Biloxi Blues” Lyceum Event

Feb. 21
University Conference

Feb. 27
Career and Graduate School Expo

March 11-15
Midterm Break

March 23
Big Event & Showcase Visit Event for Accepted Students

March 27
Chamber Orchestra Kremlin Lyceum Event

April 1
Spring Break                  

April 13
Mara Liasson - Holman Family Distinguished Speaker                  

April 16
Student Research Conference

April 20
Showcase Junior Visit Event

May 3
Last day of classes

May 10
Finals end

May 11

For a complete list of events on campus check out the Master Calendar. In addition to listing numerous on-campus events, the Master Calendar also features other helpful links, including an academic calendar, a staff calendar and a link for Kirksville events. The links are located above the calendar at calendar.truman.edu.

Submit an Event
On-campus events for the upcoming semester can be submitted at calendar.truman.edu/submitevent.asp.

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