Truman’s Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi has been recognized by the organization’s Board of Directors as a Superior Chapter. The board noted that under the leadership of faculty advisor Kristen Irwin the Kappa Nu chapter excelled in the areas of academics, professionalism and leadership. The chapter will receive an award check of $275 sponsored by KPMG.

Taner Edis, professor of physics
, together with Sonja Brentjes, published “A Golden Age of Harmony? Misrepresenting Science and History in the 1001 Inventions Exhibit,” Skeptical Inquirer, 36:6 49-53 (2012).

Michael Goggin, professor of physics, had his paper “Estimation of a quantum interaction parameter using weak measurements: theory and experiment,” accepted for publication as a Rapid Communication in Physical Review A, one of the premier international journals in physics. Rapid Communications are articles deemed significant enough to warrant accelerated publication. The article is the result of a collaboration with researchers from Asia, Australia and Europe. The collaboration grew out of his sabbatical at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Katherine Jackson, associate professor of business administration
, and Bryce Jones, professor of business administration, had their article “Reducing Textbook Costs: An Unconventional Approach,” accepted for publication in Business Education Innovation Journal. The article will appear in Vol. 4, No.2 , Dec. 2012.
Bryce Jones, professor of business administration, and Theresa Presley of Kansas State University, were awarded the Distinguished Research Award at the Allied Academies Fall 2012 International Conference. Their paper, “Law and Accounting: Did Lehman Brothers Use of Repo 105 Transactions Violate Accounting and Legal Rules?” is the award winner for the Academy of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues. The manuscript also has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues.

Thomas Trimborn, professor of music, will have an article about the legendary John Philip Sousa appear in the October issue of The Instrumentalist Magazine, which has a worldwide circulation of 12,000 band and orchestra directors and students. Trimborn writes about Sousa the public relations genius, the well-crafted image he cultivated and the lessons to be learned in today’s world.
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