SIFE Receives Lowe’s Grant to Aid in Community Food Bank Operations

Truman’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) was recently awarded a $2,000 grant from Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation (LCEF) as part of their Community Improvement Challenge. This grant was established three years ago as a means for SIFE teams across the United States to further aid community partners in need of assistance.

Truman SIFE applied for this grant in order to help the La Plata Christian Ministries Food Distribution Center (LCM). This non-profit organization provides food and clothing to the needy in the La Plata, Mo., area. Up to now, they have been solely supported by local Christian churches and individual sponsors.

Through this grant, Truman SIFE intends to help the LCM purchase a new chest freezer and additional shelving units in order to be able to assist even more people in need in the La Plata area.

Currently, the LCM provides food for around 400 people per month. However, after these improvements and additions they will be able to help even more people in the community.

Additionally, SIFE plans to help the LCM improve their storage capabilities of their inventory for their clothing store. The LCM stores clothes for the holiday seasons, but do not currently have the necessary supplies to properly store this inventory.

With this grant, they will be able to make the additional purchases and changes to improve this program for the community.

“We are blessed that we have the opportunity to work with SIFE and LCEF to improve the LCM to better serve the community,” said Stephanie Allen, director of the LCM.

In the future, SIFE intends to continue working with the LCM and hopefully help them acquire even more financial support.

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