Truman to Showcase Local Records Project April 18

Truman will showcase the work of the Local Records Preservation Project at an open house with special guest Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan at 10:30 a.m. April 18 in the Student Union Building Alumni Room, with tours to follow in the General Services Building Room 208.

The Local Records Preservation Project is a unique partnership with the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office to provide workspace for an area archivist to process pre-1900s court documents and prepare them for duplication and storage via microfilm. The project has been running at Truman since September 2011.

This preservation project serves as a special opportunity for Truman students to get involved. An internship program is available each semester, including the summer term, where students receive training in archival work, hear lectures by state archivists and have opportunities to tour state facilities in Jefferson City. In their archival work, participants will do hands-on work cleaning, preparing, processing and indexing court records. Students can receive academic credit for their participation.

Mary McIntosh, the local archivist in charge, will be working with Truman students while Jeff Gall, professor of history and social science education, will be their advisor.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity for our students to work closely with a state archivist and explore careers available in the fields of archives and historic document preservation,” Gall said.

Currently, four students are helping in the preservation project, but that number is likely to grow.

The community also benefits from this project, since copies of microfilmed records will be provided to Pickler Memorial Library. Opportunities for public lectures and training will also be available to the community through the Local Records Preservation Project.

While similar agreements with universities exist, this is the first one whereby the Local Records Program has been provided physical space on campus to perform this work.