Scholarship Assessment Grants Available for Summer 2006

The University is offering Scholarship of Assessment Grants for summer 2006. The Grants are directed toward two basic goals: to improve the quality of student learning and development at Truman, and to enhance the culture of assessment through faculty and staff participation in research and scholarship. All competitive grant proposals will focus on the use of assessment data to answer questions of importance to the University community.

Faculty and staff may submit proposals in any number of areas (see guidelines for more specific qualifications). Grant applications are due to the division or supervisor by Nov. 18 and to the Vice President for Academic Affairs Office by Nov. 22. Grants are up to $1,000 for a single investigator, $1,500 for two investigators, and $2,000 for three or more investigators.

For the grant applications and guidelines, visit The site also contains samples of past approved grants and reports. The application, guidelines, and previous recipients’ reports are also available through the Vice President for Academic Affairs Office at 785.4107.
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