Summer Grants to be Awarded to Bring Traditional Courses Online

The Truman Institute is offering a second round of summer incentive grant opportunities specifically targeted at redesigning courses for online delivery.

These grants are designed to move toward the goal of having each major offering at least one online course, where feasible, within the next couple of summer sessions.

Grant applications are due by March 26. Application forms can be found at The first two links on the page contain the application form and the RFP for the grant.

Several grants were awarded in the first round, but up to 10 awards are still available.

It is highly important to grow Truman’s summer offerings in ways that help keep students taking courses at Truman. Students will increasingly take their summer courses elsewhere if Truman does not rise to meet the demand for flexibility that online courses provide. Moreover, offering content to students during the summer keeps them engaged in the curriculum.

While teaching students in the traditional classroom should, and will continue to be, Truman’s mission, offering some online content in targeted areas during the summer term, helps support the health of the institution and its students.

Faculty with questions about this process may contact Kevin Minch at 785.5384 or