Eco-Olympics Will Host First Event Oct. 18

Eco-Olympics, sponsored by Student Senate’s Environmental Affairs Committee, is hosting its first event, the showing of the documentary, “Tapped,” at 8 p.m. Oct. 18 in Magruder Hall 1096.
The documentary is about the amount of waste that comes from the production of bottled water and the effect it has on the environment.
Eco-Olympics is a sustainability competition between the residence halls to teach students how to be more conscious about the amount of waste produced and the amount of energy consumed.

The competition is geared to teach students in a way that involves prizes, food and fun. Events will take place periodically throughout the year where points will be awarded to each dorm for the amount of students who participate. Attendance for dorms will be taken during the night of the first event.

Cookies will be provided. For more information, contact Ashley Jost at

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