Staff Members Teach Mental Health First Aid

Twenty-nine Truman academic advisors, Residence Life and Student Affairs staff members completed a 12-hour Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course Aug. 2-5.

The course was taught by certified MHFA instructors: Lou Ann Gilchrist, dean of students; Brenda Higgins, director of student health and university counseling; and Joe Hamilton, assistant director of University Counseling Services.

The MHFA  course trains individuals how to assist someone who may be in a mental health crisis or in the early stages of developing a mental health problem.

Res Life MHFA online.jpg
Completing the course from Residence Life pictured top to bottom: Heather Slawson, Drew Donahoo, Talor Lutz, William Nelsen, Emily Gentemann, Lorin Bartony, Madeline Nash, Catie Duckett, Zac Burden, Lucas Dille, Tyler George, Allie Esperanza, John Gardner, Dylan Neel, Ryan Brinkman and Nicol Corcoran.

Student Affairs MHFA.jpg
Completing the course from New Student Programs and Student Affairs pictured top to bottom: Andrea Maag, Marcy Graham, Wynona Murphy, Mark Weidner, Jack Holdcomb, Sue Limestall, Jennifer Marcus, Rachelle Williams, Brenna (Cook) Poe, Erin Shaw, Bertha Thomas, Marianna Giovannin and Beth Kral. 

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