Campus Air Conditioning Maintenance

Beginning Aug. 1, the main campus chilled water loop, which provides air conditioning to several buildings, will be shut down for required maintenance. If everything goes as planned, the shutdown will end Aug. 4. If problems develop, the shutdown could last until Aug. 12. This will impact the air conditioning in the following buildings: Baldwin Hall, McClain Hall, Pickler Memorial Library, the Student Union Building, Violette Hall, the McKinney Center, and the north end of Magruder Hall in and around the planetarium. The impact will be different from building-to-building and are described below:

Baldwin Hall, the McKinney Center, and the north end of Magruder Hall: There will be no air conditioning at all. These buildings will be uncomfortably hot.

McClain Hall: There will be air conditioning, but it may be impaired somewhat. It is expected that the building temperature should be similar to recent days. The Data Center will not be affected.

Student Union Building
: It is expected that the air conditioning will be at or near normal, however, the system will be operating in a new configuration for the first time.

Pickler Memorial Library
and Violette Hall: The air conditioning in these buildings should be at or near normal.

This will be the first time this chilled water loop has been completely shut down for maintenance since the 1960s. The Physical Plant will be operating valves and configuring the buildings’ cooling systems in ways that have never been done before and unexpected things can happen. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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