New Statistics Center Gives Resource to Community, Experience to Students

Entrepreneurs, researchers, students and community organizations now have a place close to home to help them make sense of their data with the launch of a new applied statistics center at Truman.

The Center for Applied Statistics and Evaluation (CASE), headed by statistics professors Hyun-Joo Kim and Scott Alberts and funded by the Truman Institute, will provide assistance with designing research, collecting data, developing models and providing professional statistical analysis to a range of clients in the community.

“As faculty in statistics, we get dozens of requests each year from researchers and businesses who need statistical analyses of a particular problem,” Kim said. “Sometimes a small business needs to understand the market for a new product. Sometimes a medical researcher needs modeling or data analyzed in meaningful ways. Sometimes an organization or faculty member has their own grant or project that requires evaluation by an impartial external reviewer. The range of needs is quite broad.”

The Center, which is part of an initiative by the Truman Institute to employ students in services directly related to community needs, will involve talented Truman students aspiring to careers in statistics, working under the watchful eyes of Kim, Alberts and cooperating colleagues.

“Not only does this kind of operation help us deliver a service that local scholars and entrepreneurs can afford,” Alberts said, “but it also provides us with a wonderful opportunity to provide students with hands-on experiences in the field.”

Kevin Minch, director of the Truman Institute, expects there will be high demand for the services of the Center.

“There are always several studies going on at Truman which require evaluation by independent scholars,” Minch said. “There are also a number of student and faculty research projects that the Center can support. But we also expect that there will be a range of needs in the community we can serve as well.”

Clients interested in using the services of CASE can contact Kim at 785.4693, Alberts at 785.7649 or e-mail

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