Interoffice Exchange Offers Staff A New Opportunity

Staff members now have the opportunity to take part in the first-ever Truman Interoffice Exchange to promote cross training and create a better understanding of other departments.

In response to feedback, the Staff Council’s University and Community Relations Committee began to discuss the possibility of providing something like job shadowing or cross training.

This committee then met with the Staff Development and Recognition Committee. Together they came up with the Truman Interoffice Exchange to help staff members appreciate and empathize with each other and to help discover how all of the “puzzle pieces” contribute toward making the bigger picture — the Truman Experience.

The Truman Interoffice Exchange is a continuation of “Building a Sense of Belonging as a Part of the Truman Experience,” which was discussed during the University Conference Day.

Staff members interested in participating, whether it be a full day, half day, or even a couple of hours, should communicate with their supervisor, then fill out the form at

Once Staff Council has received responses, participating staff members will be contacted and informed of their options and what is available.

After an exchange has been agreed upon, staff members will receive another e-mail confirming the exchange date and location, with two attached forms: a confidentiality agreement to submit to the exchange office and a brief questionnaire to fill out and turn in anonymously after the exchange.
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