Truman’s 21st Annual Joseph Baldwin Academy Brings Gifted Students to Campus

Junior high level students from across the United States recently arrived on the Truman campus for the first session of the Joseph Baldwin Academy for Eminent Young Scholars.
    This summer marks the 21st consecutive year that Truman has hosted the annual Joseph Baldwin Academy for Eminent Young Scholars. During the 2005 sessions in June and July, more than 400 specially selected junior high school students live in Ryle Hall and attend a focus class they have selected to pursue.
    The Academy is designed to enrich the learning process of gifted seventh, eighth and ninth grade students by challenging them with a college curriculum.
    Academy participants must be nominated by their school principal or counselor and must score in the top three percent of a nationally-normed achievement test.
    Two three-week sessions are offered and students choose one class from a number of different courses in each session. Each course is taught by a member of the Truman faculty. Sessions include argumentation, computers in art and design, elementary Latin, the historian as detective, chemistry, physics, world mythology, the science of secrecy, acting, astronomy, crime and justice in America, ethnomusicology, ecology, Italian language and culture, psychology, World War II and the writer’s craft.
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