Professor's Art Added to Lincoln Display

One of Thomas Trimborn’s original portraits of Abraham Lincoln will hang permanently in the church Lincoln attended while living in Springfield, Ill.

The First Presbyterian Church of Springfield will permanently exhibit Trimborn’s artwork as part of its display of the pew the Lincolns occupied while attending services there in the 1850s and up to the time Lincoln was elected to office. The work will be installed and dedicated April 18 during the morning worship service following remarks by Trimborn.

The portrait is titled “Lonely Leader” and depicts the president standing with head bowed at one of the White House windows.

The church is open to the public as one of the important Lincoln sites located in the same neighborhood where his home still stands and draws visitors from all over the world.

The work being installed also appears in Trimborn’s book “Encounters With Lincoln: Images and Words,” published by the Truman State University Press. This year marks the 145th anniversary of President Lincoln’s assassination and his final return to the city where he is buried in an impressive tomb in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

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