Offices Moved to Grim-Smith During Pershing Renovation

As part of the renovation to Pershing Building, some offices are being temporarily moved to Grim-Smith.

All offices south of the main stairs of Pershing will be relocated. By the end of the midterm break, the basketball and football coaches offices will be moved.

The arena portion of the building remains open, but classes have been relocated to other facilities. Racquetball courts are all closed and construction is under way.     

ADA parking spaces have been moved to the southwest parking lot.

Relocated Offices In Grim-Smith
Katie Miley                              207
Jerry Wollmering                     209
Tim Schwegler                         210
John Cochrane                       210A
Megan Wargo                        212A
Ben Briney                               213
Martin Clayes                        316A
Duke Cochran                        316B
Mike Cannon                         316C
Cathy Monroe                          317
Erin Brown                            317A

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