Faculty from the School of Science and Mathematics recently received a $15,000 grant from the NASA-Missouri Space Grant Consortium titled “Establishing a Multidisciplinary Astrobiology Research Community.” Matthew Beaky, associate professor of physics, Laura Fielden, associate professor of biology, Eric Patterson, associate professor of chemistry, and Maria Nagan, associate professor of chemistry, will gather a team of students to collaborate on astrobiology research projects and take field trips to astronomy and astrobiology oriented sites.

Michael Bump, associate professor of music/percussion studies
, recently served as the U.S. representative on a three-member adjudication panel for the 2009 Percussive Arts Society International Composition Competition.

Michael Goggin, associate professor of physics, and collaborators at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) recently had their paper “Optimizing type-I polarization-entangled photons,” published in Optics Express. The article is based on work done by Goggin while on sabbatical at UIUC and may be found online at

Jerrold Hirsch, professor of history, chaired a session on progressivism and responded to the papers in his comments, “A New Realism:  Progressivism Reassessed,” at the Mid-America Conference on History in Norman, Okla., Oct.1-3.

Todd Phillips, director of the Student Success Center, recently had his proposal accepted by the College Reading and Learning Association, a learning assistance professional organization. In addition, Phillips will have a chapter published next spring in the 2010 International Tutor Training manual for the International Tutor Training Program. Phillips’ chapter discusses using technology for tutor training.

Editor Robert Fussell and the Truman State University Press were awarded the 2009 Will Rogers Medallion Award for the book, “Unbridled Cowboy.” The award honors books that represent an outstanding achievement in the publishing of western media. The winning books exemplify a combination of excellent content, high production values, and respect for cowboy heritage. Fussell’s grandfather, Joseph Fussell, wrote the true-life narrative of his life in the American Southwest in the late 1800s. Truman State University Press published the book in 2008.

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