Jon Grant, a senior psychology major from Columbia Mo., and applied psychophysiology research team lab manager, received a student scholarship and presented the research poster, “Sitting Position Influences Heart Rate Variability,” at the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe (BFE) meeting in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Feb. 24-28.
Fred Shaffer, professor of psychology, also delivered an invited address, “Breathing Effort Disrupts Diaphragmatic Breathing,” and taught a workshop with Donald Moss on “Respiratory Training and Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback for Medical and Functional Disorders” at the BFE meeting.

Truman Psychology majors Chris Wally, a sophomore from St. Charles, Mo.; Igor Korenfeld, a sophomore from St. Louis, Mo.; Aaron Truitt, a senior from St. Louis, Mo.; and Michael Urlakis, a senior from Naperville, Ill.; won the Best Student Paper award at the 40th Annual Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB) meeting in Albuquerque, N.M., April 1-4. Their winning research paper was entitled “Inhalation-to-Exhalation Ratio Affects Heart Rate Variability Training Success.” Thought Technology Ltd. of Montreal presented Wally, assistant lab manager for professor of psychology Fred Shaffer’s applied psychophysiology research team, with a $3,000 BioGraph Infiniti data acquisition system. This was the second time in three years that Truman students won this prestigious graduate competition. Urlakis also discussed his Psychological Research capstone project, “The Physiological Effects of Kargyraa Throat-Singing: Paradoxical Arousal.”

Rebecca Harrison, professor of classics, presented a paper on “Exercises to Build Predictive Reading Skills,” at the 105th Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South in Minneapolis, Minn., April 1-4.

Sandy Rempe, instructor in justice systems and manager of the Department of Public Safety Juvenile Justice Program, is the winner of a national award that recognizes excellence in the field of juvenile justice. The Tony Gobar Award recognizes a state juvenile justice specialist who exemplifies service to others, dedication and commitment to improving the juvenile justice system, and compassion and concern for juveniles and their advocates. Rempe has worked as the Department of Public Safety Juvenile Justice Program Manager for 12 years. Under her leadership, the Juvenile Justice Program administers approved four federal grants that provide annual funding to 60 state and local agencies in Missouri to help support juvenile justice and delinquency prevention initiatives. In addition, Rempe serves on numerous advisory groups, committees and commissions. She will receive the award at the annual Coalition for Juvenile Justice National Conference in Washington, D.C. May 4.

Ryan Campbell, a junior French major from Manchester, Mo., was selected for the 2009 Walter Jensen Scholarship for study abroad. In addition to the $1,500 scholarship, Campbell will receive a one-year complimentary membership in the American Association of Teachers of French.
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