Safe Zone Trainings for Faculty and Staff


The Center for Diversity & Inclusion is offering Safe Zone Training for students, faculty and staff. Safe Zone trainings are an opportunity to learn about LGBTQ+ issues, diversity, and inclusion, with the goal of fostering empathy, understanding and respectful communication. The training equips attendees with the tools to be allies and advocates, helping to make spaces safer and more welcoming for everyone. Registration is now live through Event Manager.

Each session will last around three hours and will be full of interactive learning opportunities as well as time for questions, connection and discussion. Each session requires at least five registrants to have the training. If a training is canceled, those who have registered will be notified via email.

Student Sessions
Feb. 15
Feb. 26
March 2
March 13
March 20
March 30
April 16
April 30

Faculty and Staff Sessions
Feb. 20
Feb. 29
Feb. 22
March 5
March 8
March 19
March 27
April 8
April 25

For any questions or concerns, contact the Center for Diversity & Inclusion at
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