Campus Smoke-Free Policy Includes Marijuana


Truman has maintained a smoke-free campus for years, and that policy extends to marijuana use even after recent changes to state laws.

While the use of recreational marijuana for those 21 and older became legal in the state of Missouri under certain conditions following the passage of Amendment 3 last year, no policies or procedures will be altered on campus.

Marijuana remains classified by the federal government as a Schedule 1 controlled substance. As an institution that receives federal assistance, Truman will continue to abide by all federal guidelines on this matter. It is illegal for any employee, student or visitor to possess, use, distribute, dispense, sell or manufacture on University property, University-leased property or as part of University-sponsored or University-supervised activities. This includes both recreational and medical marijuana.

Visitors should be aware of these policies as they will be subject to them any time they visit campus or Truman-owned properties.
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