“Tea Time” Talks Academic Resources and Halloween


“Tea Time with Sue” has returned for a second season in a new podcast-style format.

University President Sue Thomas welcomed Jonathan Vieker, assistant vice president for student success and institutional effectiveness, as her first guest. An alumnus of the University, Vieker originally planned for a career in music. On the show, he talks about his journey to a career in academia, and some of the resources Truman students have available to help reach their full potential.

Other topics the pair discussed include Halloween nostalgia and Project HAPPIE, an organization started by Vieker and his wife, Sarah, dedicated to providing preschools with books and toys related to Down syndrome to create a more inclusive environment for all children.

The entire podcast conversation can be found on the Truman Spotify channel. Follow Truman on social media for video excerpts from “Tea Time with Sue.”

Throughout the school year, President Thomas will welcome guests for one-on-one chats that shine a light on the people and things that make Truman the special place it is. New episodes will be announced in the Truman Today as they become available. Guests for “Tea Time with Sue” can be nominated at truman.edu/teatime.
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