Art Gallery Exhibit Addresses Murder of J.R. Warren

The national tour of Rory Golden’s exhibition “See Related Story: The Murder of J.R. Warren” addressing the July 2000 violent murder of Arthur Carl “J.R.” Warren Jr., a 26-year-old black gay man, of Grant Town, W. Va., will be shown at Truman State University Art Gallery until Feb. 15. A special Sunday reception and artist’s lecture sponsored by Multicultural Affairs Center will take place at 3 p.m. Feb. 10 in the University Art Gallery.

In 2005, Golden, a Brooklyn-based visual artist, moved to live in and became part of the West Virginia community where Warren’s murder occurred. He established relationships with people who knew Warren, his friends and family, local activist individuals and organizations. Golden also researched court records, media reports and other materials related to the murder. His research informs the visual artwork in this exhibition, which includes automobile rear view mirrors and two-sided, mixed media drawings that allow viewers to consider multiple points of view on the violent incident.
Along with panel discussions, artist talks, and other programs, the project is designed to inspire dialogue in local communities and thereby foster better understanding between different sectors of society. This project has the potential to be transformational for viewers through increased awareness of socio-behavioral issues that impact everyday life and legislation.
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