President's Recognition Award

The Vice President of Academic Affairs Office recently announced the 2004 graduates who received the President’s Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

The President’s Recognition Award is given to graduating seniors who have achieved the 95th percentile or above on their required, nationally normed senior exam prescribed by faculty in each division. The graduating class of May 1998 was the first group of baccalaureate degree recipients to be recognized with this honor. Recipients’ transcripts also indicate this distinction.

Fall 2004 recipients include Kevin Bolin, Matthew Coarlyle, Theodore Carnahan, Alex Collins, Courtney Erickson, Ty Fagan, Richard Goering, Christopher Gordon, Staci Imes, Mathew Lineberry, Stephanie Malin, Ann Shirley, Andrew Sistek, Derek Teele, Raul Taranu and Jessica Wakolbinger.

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